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Hydrogel is using for keeping moisture inside the soil. It gives 98% acclimatization, increase of harvest productivity and increase speed of growth for all types of plants.

During several years Hydrogel is successfully used in worldwide. Farmers, landscape designers, gardeners and other customers use Hydrogel in their work.

Hydrogel is using in different areas: from disembarkation of seedlings to plant of trees, i.e. in working with plants. Hydrogel is new product for Uzbekistan. Our super-absorbent — is a specialized Hydrogel for plants and its using brings to high results. Hydrogel increase harvest and strengthen flowering. Hydrogel helps to plants to survive even in most sultry hot weather and is a good alternative to drop-irrigation.

But above mentioned are not single effects of Hydrogel. Hydrogels — are super-absorbents of new generation, and Hydrogels produced by QHS are intended to drought regions.

Main functions:

Keeping moisture inside soil.

Raising of acclimatization up to 98% and increase speed of growth.

Common increase of harvest productivity.

Advantages from cooperation with us:

We working across Uzbekistan.

You can call us in any working time.

Low cost and flexible discount system.

At contact with water, Hydrogel swells:

1 kg is able to absorb from 60 to 125 liters of moisture and at drought is able to provide plant with moisture.

Primarily, Hydrogel was developed for agriculture. After some time, Hydrogel was used to applied in landscape design and home plants.

Super-absorbent – is a Hydrogel for plants, and it is innovation in the market.

Usage of Hydrogel brings the following results:

Reduce of frequent irrigation for 50% due to increase moisture-keeping volume of soil.

Increase of harvesting due to increase accessibility of water and nourishing substances to root system.

For agro-culture — increase harvest from 1 hectare.

Increase qualitative indicators of plants development.

Reduce of loss of water and nourishing substances due to washing-out.

Reduce of water evaporation from soil.

Improve of physical property of dense soil; Increase of aeration.

Defense against drought and soils in underground waters.