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Polyethylene Film

Polyethylene Film — thin layer of stuff produced from polyethylene. Packing polyethylene has such properties as: elastic, moisture impermeability, frost resistance and hygienity. The polyethylene film is absolutely safe for health of the person: it can be used even for production of children's goods. It is possible to put the press on a polyethylene film. To print on a polyethylene film, its surface has to be activated by means of crowning by an electric discharge, chemical or plasma processing. Level of activation of a polyethylene film is checked by means of dough for wettability.

Light-stabilized Film

Smooth polyethylene film which structure includes light-stabilizers thanks to which the film doesn't decay under the influence of an ultraviolet. Quality of a film and warranty period of operation depends on number of the stabilizer put in it. For difference in this film add dyes yellow, red, green, etc. Dye burns out after a while, thus properties of a film remain. It is applied as an elastic material to a covering of hotbeds and greenhouses.

Thermo-shrinkable Film

The elastic polyethylene material which is reduced when heating and thus densely fits the products packed into it. The thermo-shrinkable film is produced in the form of a sleeve, a semi-sleeve, a cloth, with folds and without folds. There are also composite thermo-shrinkable films about addition of various components for increase of physics and technology properties.

Transparent Film

It is made by extrusion of polyethylene of a high pressure. Is issued in the form of a sleeve, and also a semi-sleeve and a cloth.

Colored Film

It is made of polyethylene of a high pressure by co-extrusion method, with addition of dyes (they called super-concentrates) and stabilizers.

Black film (for hydro-isolation)

It is made by adding color super-concentrates (masterbatches).