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Polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene pipes are used at restoration of outdated systems of water supply and sewerage, and also application of polyethylene pipes cost-efficiently at construction of technical pipelines in the industry. Polyethylene pipes in the large cities where reliability of systems of water supply systems and the sewerage has huge value are especially demanded.

Our company produces a wide-range pipes with diameter from 16 mm to 800 mm

Advantages of such pipes are:

polyethylene pipes are simple in application;

polyethylene pipes significantly reduce breakdown rate of the pipeline and danger of pollution of drinking water;

polyethylene pipes are toxicologically and bacteriologically safe;

service life of polyethylene pipes are 50 years;

polyethylene pipes are tight and possess corrosion firmness;

polyethylene pipes have low heat conductivity and small weight;

high reliability of pipes at mechanical overloads;

water frozen in a polyethylene pipe, won't damage it;

the polyethylene pipe is capable to stretch without loss of the qualities to 7%;

don't require cathodic protection and therefore don't need almost service.

In storage conditions and pipe operation from polyethylene don't allocate in environment of toxic substances and have at direct contact no harmful effect on a human body. Pipes resistant to destruction in atmospheric conditions at observance of service conditions and storages. The solid technological waste which was formed by pipes production isn't toxic, doesn't demand neutralization, is subject to processing.